Monday, February 17, 2014

On Teaching Yoga
Six hours of teaching / talking in a day will certainly offer one a taste of dispassion for her own mind. As the breath catches in the physical correlates to the grantihs, so the flow of the teachings catches on the stubborn knots in the personality. As teachers we must avoid letting our own samskaras trap the students in any form of mundanity. In other words, we should be careful of the more subtle pictures we're painting. When you speak aloud the words of the masters, you may notice the places where your own voice becomes heavy, where your mannerisms create a curtain that blocks the truth from view, where the residue of your past traps the light from coming through. Purification takes a long time. For now it is only through devotion that the knowledge will find passage through the dark halls of our own characters, and only through grace that the words will tumble out in formation, emerging as the fully-formed diamonds the masters once uncovered.