Sunday, December 26, 2010

Circumnavigating a Retrograde in 3 Easy Steps

This may be useful if you are traveling in the next few days:

How to safely and effectively maintain your mobility and productivity during a retrograde:

1: Feel it Out.

If there is too much of a current going through the circuits at once, everything will short and you'll be completely immobilized, blocking all progress. You have to think of it like this: the universe's traffic signals have all shut down during rush hour. If you feel everything starting to clusterfuck, it is because you are moving into a bottleneck. You just have to step out and watch the flow, and wait until there is less of a load on the system before you re-enter the network. There will be off-peak hours even during the retrograde; you will have to watch for them and only attempt movement during those times. You will feel it when you have more room to move. Then proceed with caution and resolve, and do not second guess or back-track, or you could get caught in the mess again.

2. Don't Get Frustrated / Expect the Worst / Patience Young Jedi.

You have to accept that movement and progress during a retrograde are slow, difficult, clunky, disjointed, error-ridden, and involve a whole lot of required back-pedaling. Don't expect anything to be easy or to function properly, but it will function. The most important thing is to know when you can and cannot move, and not to push.

3. If Possible, Run, Hide, Duck & Cover

If you get caught in a fighting / arguing / emotional vortex, just back off and disappear until you feel things loosen and you know you're out of the funky orbit. Don't even think about the issue again, and refuse to communicate until after you are safely out of the zone. These types of emotional whirlpools spring up everywhere during these times, so if you really want to avoid the mess, keep your communications light and don't communicate with any single person too much--until you're in the safety zone.

And as always, keep silent, keep moving.....