Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Below you will find a music mix / audio collage about information, 2012, the human capacity for myth, 
and the cognitive vertices where truth and fallacy become one. It's quite danceable, enjoy! 

Made at C-Base in Berlin during BreakFast. Dedicated to all the hackers in and around Berlin 
for 28c3, especially Travis and Fabienne. Thanks for inviting me into your amazing world. --Lily

Artists  (a loose tracklist): 

the many denizens of Youtube, freely sharing their varied opinions
Rainbow Arabia
Small Black
Hypnolove w/ Mickey Moonlight
Active Child
Roxy Music w/ Todd Terje
The Soft Moon
M83 w/ Zola Jesus
John Maus
DJ Alejan w/ Sister Nancy
Jay Jaganath
Cocorosie w/ Psychic TV
Forest Swords
Russ Liquid 
Skeeter Davis
The Bees
Charles Bukowski
The Virgo Four

More sound projects up at: www.djwhitelily.com
cover artwork collage by Lily
download this mix here.

Monday, March 5, 2012